The vast, colorful school building is located at Barhan Road, Etmadpur Agra on a lush green two acre sprawling campus. The physical environment is pollution free and provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building. The double - storied school building consists of spacious well- ventilated classrooms, large corridors and all basic amenities such as fresh drinking water and urinals and lavatories separately for boys and girls.


The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology practical work and for providing Computer education. A library is integral to the teaching and learning process. The school has a well stacked Library with a variety of books and other types of latest reading material which facilitates the work of the classroom teacher and ensures each student has equitable access to resources irrespective of home opportunities or constraints.


Spacious play grounds with facilities to play Volleyball, Badminton, Football, cricket etc add to the salient features of the school. The lung space, the open lush green lawns with a variety of ornamental as well as shady trees present a colorful bonanza of fresh floral bounty pleasing to the eye .Here the children get an opportunity to display their talents and develop physical co -ordination, strength and flexibility. The beautiful and serene natural atmosphere not only helps in providing recreation and enjoyment but also stimulates the diversity of the children’s play experience. Trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses edible fruits and vegetables maintained in the school campus with the active participation of students help the children to connect with Mother Nature and diversify their outdoor experience.


The school is surrounded by a sturdy boundary wall with additional barbed wire fencing for the security of the children. CCTV cameras have been installed in staircases, corridors, play grounds and at other vantage points for round the clock surveillance of the premises . As per guidelines issued by the CBSE, a grievance / complaint redressal officer has been appointed by the school administration to look into the grievances of the students and provide follow up action immediately .A Sexual Harassment committee has been constituted by the school to look into cases of any form of sexual harassment of female students or employees and resolve them expeditiously.


An effective school facility is responsive to the changing programs of educational delivery, and at a minimum should provide a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well illuminated, well ventilated, and aesthetically pleasing. The school facility consists of not only the physical structure and the variety of building systems, such as mechanical, plumbing, electrical and power, telecommunications, security, and fire suppression systems. The facility also includes furnishings, materials and supplies, equipment and information technology, as well as various aspects of the building grounds, namely, athletic fields, playgrounds, areas for outdoor learning, and vehicular access and parking.

The school facility is much more than a passive container of the educational process: it is, rather, an integral component of the conditions of learning. The layout and design of a facility contributes to the place experience of students, educators, and community members. Depending on the quality of its design and management, the facility can contribute to a sense of ownership, safety and security, personalization and control, privacy as well as sociality, and spaciousness or crowdedness. When planning, designing, or managing the school facility, these facets of place experience should, when possible, be taken into consideration.


Medical Facilities Special care of the children's health is taken. If a child is required intensive care, he/she is immediately taken to the hospital, and parents are duly informed. The school management has appointed a permanent medical officer, Dr. R. N. Dwivedi(M.D.) child-specialist for the regular check-up.

School Laboratories The school has well equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Life Science/Biology where in the students can do their practical & experiments of their respective subjects under the able guidance of demonstrators and teachers.

School Library The school has well equipped library for the use of students as well as teachers. It contains over five thousand book on various important subjects related to G.K., Science, Mathematices literature, Drama poetry, Fiction, Language and other subjects.

Computer Facility The school possesses a well-equipped computer lab through which computer education is imparted to the students. Computer knowledge is playing a vital role in every sphere of life in modern time.

Sports & Co-Curricular Activities The school management has appointed a qualified Physical Education Teacher for the development of students. The institute has been the winner of school championship successively for years 2000 to 2003 in CHITRANSHI KHEL MELA HELD IN EKLAVYA SPORTS STADIUM. We have also appointed a judo teacher to impart the education of marchal art for self defence. Our students namely Diksha Baghel and Ruksar Usmani got gold Medals in Sub Junior Category in the State Judo Championship. They have been representing State at National level since 2008-09 till date.